Alternative Asset Advisors

Whether you’re an individual investor, family office, or independent advisor, Altera | Private Access provides you with the access and underwriting you need — from sponsor due diligence, to deal scoring and asset profiling, we make alternative asset investing more transparent and accessible to our clients.

We believe 90% of a portfolio’s financial outcome flows from asset allocation, not security selection. This is why we focus on portfolio analysis and diversification based on r-squared relationships within the portfolio as well as running simulations of macroeconomic events. In addition to portfolio correlations, we consider hard-to-measure factors, including duration risk, portfolio liquidity, and social externalities.

Performing asset-level analysis is a barrier to many investors, especially with regard to the interactions between new securities and their existing portfolio. This is where we come in. As a firm our goal is to improve access and transparency around alternative assets, increasing invested capital and investor confidence around how alternatives fit in their portfolio.